Daily Schedule:


LHS Students Courts 3 & 4, 8am-11am (school year)
Rotating: 1pm-3pm
League Night: 5pm-9pm (Seasonal)


LHS Students Courts 3 & 4, 8am-11am (school year)
League Night: 5pm-9pm (Seasonal)


LHS Students Courts 3 & 4, 8am-11am (school year)


LHS Students Courts 3 & 4, 8am-11am (school year)
League Night: 5pm-9pm (Seasonal)


LHS Students Courts 3 & 4, 8am-11am (school year)
Rotating: 1pm-3pm
Court Challenge: 5pm-7pm


Drop-in Doubles: 8am-11:30am

Annual Schedule:


Fall Singles League begins in early October. Spring Singles League begins in late February, or early March. Summer Singles League begins in July.


Fall/Winter Doubles League begins late in November, or early December. Spring Doubles League begins in mid-April.


In House, one day tournaments will occasionally be held. Each League ends with a tournament for all those who signed up, and participated in that particular league. ADCOPE also holds the WINTER CLASSIC in Mid-January. The Winter Classic is a USRA Sanctioned tournament and all players must be members of the USRA, or pay an additional fee with registration to participate.

This superb regional event brings in playersfrom WA, OR, ID, and beyond. We also host a “Junior J M” immediately following the Winter Classic.

Policy for Reservations:

Courts may be reserved one week in advance, with one member’s full name, and for one hour time slots. You may only have your name on the books for one reservation at a time. When you come in to play on your reserved court, you may then make another court reservation in your name.

Walk-On play on open courts is fine and dandy. However, we ask you to please have our front desk staff put your name on the books as a “Walk-On” This helps us track actual court usage, and it will also guarantee you don’t get bumped  from the court during that specific time frame. We anticipate court usage getting much tighter this coming season. Thus, we suggest reserving courts in advance, or at least having your name on the books as a Walk-On. Members, who do not have reservations, will be expected to give up the court to those who have made reservations in advance.

Members need to be actively on the court within 15 minutes of their reservation start time, or they lose their “reservation status” Goggles, tethers, and appropriate shoes need to be worn when on our courts. Members who do not comply with these simple rules of common courtesy may be asked to leave the court.

Club programs, such as leagues, drop-In doubles, challenge courts, clinics, private lessons, and exhibitions will take priority on Courts 1 & 2 year round. We will also set aside courts 3 & 4 during the school year at set times for our Lewiston High School classes. (Mon. – Fri , morning’s from 8 00 M – 11:00AM, afternoon 1:00PM – 3:00PM.)

Any questions, concerns, and/or other helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to call, or email me at anytime.

Thanks for helping us build a strong racquetball program here at ADCOPE!