Monday-Friday: 8am-12:30pm & 4pm-8pm,  Saturday: 8am-11am, Sunday: Closed


  1. MOST IMPORTANT: Do Not Leave your Children in the Child Care for longer than 2 Hours.
  2. You must sign your child in every single visit. Print first and last names CLEARLY when signing in.
  3. Parents MUST be on Adcope premises AT ALL TIMES when their children are in child care.
  4. Please feed and change your child before bringing them in. You must provide diapers. You may be asked to change your child’s diaper if the child care staff is unable to do so.
  5. Do not bring food. You may bring bottles & sippy cups.
  6. Do not bring your child if they have any form of contagion (common cold, virus, etc.)
  7. Take children to the restroom before leaving them in child care. 8. Children must have shoes and socks on.
  8. This service is provided free for member’s children and grandchildren only.